Thursday, October 28, 2010

By: Molly


Here is another example of a Kindergarten Self-Portrait. Molly has really grasped the idea that the head is similar in shape to an egg, ha! I love the lip to nose proportion- still working on that idea. Overall, great first attempt at the self portrait, Kindergarten Molly.
For the past five months Justin and I have been living without internet, and for the most part it has worked for us. It's great to put "check my facebook" on my list of things to do, but on the other hand it limits my time for blog updating. I've found myself reading nearly twice as much and researching the old fashioned way-with books, when needed. For now, coffee shops-laundry mats-and hidden nic's and cranny's on campus will suffice my internet needs-but please excuse my slow updates.

Currently, I am in the finishing stages of my school wide unit lesson plan at Glenwood City Elementary school, titled The Giving Quilt Project. I will be hanging their show in the community in the week to come- with pictures to follow, pinky swear.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

By: Clayton

Kindergarten Portrait Unit.
Clayton's attempt with guided instruction.
love it-