Monday, June 25, 2012

Farmers Market Salad, mmm mm!

 We went to the Fondy market on Saturday morning in Milwaukee and created this delicious salad with our findings. This salad contains: mixed greens, spinach, balsamic roasted beets, peels of carrot, honey-goat cheese, roasted almond slices, dried cranberries and s & p. Sourdough on the side. SO GOOD! Justin and I like to dream about opening a restaurant someday, we decided this would be called the 'the market.'

flower emulations

I forgot to post these--Giant Flower Emulations by the 3rd graders! This was their last unit of the year-- I wish I would have had more time, the end of the year came so quickly! Next year, I hope to start earlier in the Spring. For this project, each student chose a different flower (completely randomly from a stack of cards that I made.) I taught them some basic sculptural techniques that work well with paper and we talked about the appearance, textures, colors etc of flower and plant species. We used construction paper, oil pastel, colored masking tape, tissue paper, construction paper and glue. Some flowers turned out huge, bigger than the student! Great installation project in the hallway. Next year, I'll talk pictures of them with their flowers to show the scale- fun project!