Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer School- Hula Hooping

Constructing the hula hoop and adding patterns with tape.
The beginning of the weaving process, indoors.

Scrap fabric for weaving portion of the class

weaving in sun, also in the ichy dry grass!

We discovered hanging the looms would work better and be more comfortable!
Hello Summer, and summer school classes!  Over three weeks these girls constructed their own giant hula hoop, discovered many hula hooping techniques and tricks and created a round woven rug or wall hanging from recycled fabric and fibers. Great job ladies, I had so much fun with you, keep up the hula-ing!

hula hoop supplies from the hardware store: PVC piping 3/4 inch or 1 inch (cut to the length desired I did 8,9, and 10 feet for 4-6 grade students), double ended connector pieces (same size as your tubing) Hot water and container (to warm the ends of the tubing to fit the connector piece into both ends of the tube) electrical tape (variety of colors) some of the students also wrapped their hula hoop with yarn, you could also paint them if you primed it first. Lastly, yarn and fabric scraps for weaving portion of the class.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Farmers Market Salad, mmm mm!

 We went to the Fondy market on Saturday morning in Milwaukee and created this delicious salad with our findings. This salad contains: mixed greens, spinach, balsamic roasted beets, peels of carrot, honey-goat cheese, roasted almond slices, dried cranberries and s & p. Sourdough on the side. SO GOOD! Justin and I like to dream about opening a restaurant someday, we decided this would be called the 'the market.'

flower emulations

I forgot to post these--Giant Flower Emulations by the 3rd graders! This was their last unit of the year-- I wish I would have had more time, the end of the year came so quickly! Next year, I hope to start earlier in the Spring. For this project, each student chose a different flower (completely randomly from a stack of cards that I made.) I taught them some basic sculptural techniques that work well with paper and we talked about the appearance, textures, colors etc of flower and plant species. We used construction paper, oil pastel, colored masking tape, tissue paper, construction paper and glue. Some flowers turned out huge, bigger than the student! Great installation project in the hallway. Next year, I'll talk pictures of them with their flowers to show the scale- fun project!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hundertwasser inspired

Hundertwasser inspired second graders created these motifs based on nature. The first step was to create painted paper with found objects (so fun!) then cut up and collage. I encourage them to do an "art paste sandwich" (art paste, paper, art paste) which helps the paper lay flat and mixes the tempera painted paper as you work. I found these fun one inch punches at Michael's a while back, you'll see lots of polka dots popping up in our work recently :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rhythmic Rings

Recycled art by the third graders! We rolled, and rolled..and rolled paper and created a collaborative recycled paper installation outside the art room. Each student created their own panel to contribute to the installation. Beyond the use of paper, we used tons and tons of recycled caps from old markers, glue sticks and recycled items from the lunch room. Nice junk sculpture 3rd Grade!

Monday, May 7, 2012

t.p TUBE art

I pre-chopped TONS of recycled t.p. tubes (thanks to all of the devoted recyclers in our community!) for this project during recycled art month in the art room. Then, the second graders arranged and rearranged the tube pieces into arrangements on mat boards. The second graders dipped one side of the ring into art paste and then attached it to the board. Next class period, they painted. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chin Colle Lanterns

Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, the fourth graders created four panels using the chin colle technique of layering thin (tissue) paper. After they completed all of their panels the strong them together into a cube form, then added the strings to hang it. We lined the halls with the fourth grade lanterns creations- they were a highlight of family arts night! A few hints for this project: Create a template for students to use to punch the holes evenly on each panel edge. Demonstrate how to string the panels together back to back by tying the string at the top of two panels back to back and then begin wrapping the strings through the hole and around the outside, through the hole and around the outside...continue! This is much faster than stringing them together flat on the table top side by side.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chihuly inspired 2nd Graders

Inspired by Chihuly, the 2nd graders created an interpretation of his blown glass work from coffee filters, washable markers and spray starch. They then mounted their sculptures and I hung them from the ceiling. Next, we looked at Chihuly's, 'Niijima Floats' series of drawings, discussing the abstract and experimental nature of they offer. Check them out here: niijima floats Next, they used chalk pastels and drew from their sculptures that were hung above their tables, pulling colors, patterns, and textures from their own work as well as the work of their peers. They have the option of adding tempera paint (object printing, brushed, splattered, marble rolling) liquid glitter & dry glitter.
mixed media student example, inspired by Chihuly's, 'Niijima Floats' series

coffee filter "blown glass" sculptures

Mounted on construction paper and hung from the ceiling around the room

metallic paint station

A student working on her chalk pastel drawing

student examples