Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chin Colle Lanterns

Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, the fourth graders created four panels using the chin colle technique of layering thin (tissue) paper. After they completed all of their panels the strong them together into a cube form, then added the strings to hang it. We lined the halls with the fourth grade lanterns creations- they were a highlight of family arts night! A few hints for this project: Create a template for students to use to punch the holes evenly on each panel edge. Demonstrate how to string the panels together back to back by tying the string at the top of two panels back to back and then begin wrapping the strings through the hole and around the outside, through the hole and around the outside...continue! This is much faster than stringing them together flat on the table top side by side.

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Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

These lanterns are beautiful.
Your students did an awesome job.