Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer School- Hula Hooping

Constructing the hula hoop and adding patterns with tape.
The beginning of the weaving process, indoors.

Scrap fabric for weaving portion of the class

weaving in sun, also in the ichy dry grass!

We discovered hanging the looms would work better and be more comfortable!
Hello Summer, and summer school classes!  Over three weeks these girls constructed their own giant hula hoop, discovered many hula hooping techniques and tricks and created a round woven rug or wall hanging from recycled fabric and fibers. Great job ladies, I had so much fun with you, keep up the hula-ing!

hula hoop supplies from the hardware store: PVC piping 3/4 inch or 1 inch (cut to the length desired I did 8,9, and 10 feet for 4-6 grade students), double ended connector pieces (same size as your tubing) Hot water and container (to warm the ends of the tubing to fit the connector piece into both ends of the tube) electrical tape (variety of colors) some of the students also wrapped their hula hoop with yarn, you could also paint them if you primed it first. Lastly, yarn and fabric scraps for weaving portion of the class.