Tuesday, December 28, 2010

8th Grade Self-Reflective Mandala's

 As a capstone to the 8th grader's Color Theory study, they created a Mandala using the Elements of Design. The students were asked to create a Mandala that reflected their personality. They were given a 12 x 18 piece of black construction paper, chalk pastels, and blending stumps. The Mandala could be symmetrical or asymmetrical, it was up to the artist to decide! We waited to cut the Mandala design from the black paper so they would have a place to touch the paper and rotate it without smudging their work. This seemed to work the best. As they finished they spray fixed & mounted on colored construction paper.

High School Cubism

Wow. Here are some examples of a high school 2D lesson in Cubism.  We just wrapped up a still life unit with cutting up our still life's and "jux-ta-posing" them in cubist style. This project in particular was a great one to reflect on how well I taught to their level, I learned a great deal, and so did the students (mainly about patients!) Some of the students were more than willing to cut up their still life's (that took about one week each, two different drawings) and some really had a hard time, maybe next time I will explain the entire process from the get-go. overall, fun project!

Requirements of project: incorporate charcoal still life, incorporate colored still life, incorporate mark making element (drawing, charcoal, ink, etc.) incorporate paper element (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

8th Grade "Masks From Around the World!"

The 8th grade students studied "masks from around the world!" and created a mask of their own based off of a theme of choice. I was impressed with the outcomes of the masks, as we were working in theme in class the students seemed to have "creative blocks." Big bummer, but the next class period it seemed to have been overcome because they were able to create some interesting concepts and solutions.

7th Grade Aboriginal Dreamtime Paintings

The 7th Grader's Studied Australian Aboriginal "Dreamtime" Paintings. Following one day of Aboriginal culture, traditions, music and arts the 7th grader's created their own "Dreamtime" painting that represented their own life. They used tempera paint and Que-Tips on Construction paper.

Changing Times

I have been quite busy over the past nearly 2 months, and haven't been able to keep up with updates from my student teaching experience. I have moved onto my Middle School/High School placement in another rural farming community in Wisconsin. It's been great... here are a few updates!

Fifth Grade Mixed Media Self-Portaits

The Fifth Grader's worked on the figure, specifically portraiture for the entire ten weeks I was student teaching. As a capstone this to this project (The Giving Quilt Project) as well as their Portrait unit, we worked on self portraits combing tempera paint and attached fabric. It took about 5 (45 min.) class periods to complete from start to finish. I mounted the portraits the day we hung the show at the assisted living facility-nothing like cutting it close!

Fourth Grade Environmental Prints

The Fourth Grader's focused their portion of the quilt project on "Environmental Awareness." In order to do this we went on a nature hike and collected elements of nature (trees, leaves, flowers, bark) Next, the students did a sketch, then an engraving on Styrofoam relief plates (amazing!) At this point we could being printed on paper (a proof) and then finally on muslin fabric. The students did a great job, however we had some trouble with the sizing of the fabric and resisting of the ink.. with practice I think I can improve it.

Second Grade Quilt

The Second Graders created non-objective prints on fabric squares, sharing printing techniques with one another. The student's practiced self control, respect, and recognizing strengths in one another. The students added final details with embroidery floss stitches. This was the first time I was working with students and metal needles, needless to say, I was a bit nervous- but all went well.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Grade Quilt

The first Grader's focused on "Providing Shelter" to those in need. We looked at homes from around the world, and then the First grader's used their imaginations to create a magical house. We used transfer crayon from paper to fabric, then added finishing touches with glitter paint and "construction paper crayons."

Kindergarten Quilt

"Giving the gift of a smile"