Tuesday, December 28, 2010

High School Cubism

Wow. Here are some examples of a high school 2D lesson in Cubism.  We just wrapped up a still life unit with cutting up our still life's and "jux-ta-posing" them in cubist style. This project in particular was a great one to reflect on how well I taught to their level, I learned a great deal, and so did the students (mainly about patients!) Some of the students were more than willing to cut up their still life's (that took about one week each, two different drawings) and some really had a hard time, maybe next time I will explain the entire process from the get-go. overall, fun project!

Requirements of project: incorporate charcoal still life, incorporate colored still life, incorporate mark making element (drawing, charcoal, ink, etc.) incorporate paper element (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

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