Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elementary Art Teacher :)

I have officially been offered a teaching position in the Swallow School District in Hartland, WI! I have gotten a great impression of the school and culture through my time spent there, and the people that I've talked/worked with. It's a bit unreal to imagine that this year I will be going back to school not has the college student or student teacher, rather the teacher.  So, with that being said,  I intend to shift the focus of my blog back to the elementary art classroom, with a sprinkling of what I'm up to outside of the classroom as well! As for now, I am cleaning, organizing, and arranging my classroom and mind. I spent two days last week purely cleaning and organizing. This weekend I worked on signs and other materials to set the students up for success in the classroom. Next week is purely curriculum and staff development. I have began organizing my curriculum combining what I've done the past, some unit lessons that the previous teacher passed along to me, and many new lessons. I believe the easiest way to organize all of these ideas in my mind is to set up a monthly "theme" or unit which the entire school will study.  Less than two weeks until the first day of school, will I be ready?!  If any teachers have any advice for me as a new teacher, don't hesitate to share- thanks!!

New Space

So, living without internet has really put a kink in my blogging. As the summer comes to a close I hope to catch up on my "art and ideas." I have finally settled into an apartment for the upcoming year, big change as I have moved five times in the past year. I have set up a studio space, no longer the traveling "studio in a box." Also, I have been attempting a lot of DIY creations around our apartment, which I plan on posting because I was inspired by other blogs and (amazing!)  I relocated to a new apartment to still stay in the city, but also to be a bit closer to my new teaching position in Hartland, WI...more to come on that, too.