Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chihuly inspired 2nd Graders

Inspired by Chihuly, the 2nd graders created an interpretation of his blown glass work from coffee filters, washable markers and spray starch. They then mounted their sculptures and I hung them from the ceiling. Next, we looked at Chihuly's, 'Niijima Floats' series of drawings, discussing the abstract and experimental nature of they offer. Check them out here: niijima floats Next, they used chalk pastels and drew from their sculptures that were hung above their tables, pulling colors, patterns, and textures from their own work as well as the work of their peers. They have the option of adding tempera paint (object printing, brushed, splattered, marble rolling) liquid glitter & dry glitter.
mixed media student example, inspired by Chihuly's, 'Niijima Floats' series

coffee filter "blown glass" sculptures

Mounted on construction paper and hung from the ceiling around the room

metallic paint station

A student working on her chalk pastel drawing

student examples

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Phyl said...

My second graders just did Chihuly macchia with coffee filters too! How in the world did you get them up on the ceiling? (You must be taller than me, which is easy since I'm not even 5 feet tall.)