Sunday, March 25, 2012

Student Architects

Kindergarten focused on architecture this week, creating buildings in our community from wooden blocks. Students works in teams to build a structure of choice, then we did a gallery tour and each team presented their creation to the class (talk about wild imaginations!) Next, students recorded their creations by drawing a version of their still life structure on paper. This activity led into the next portion of the unit which was building our school from construction paper shapes and materials in a collage-like format. The focus of this unit was to look, describe and translate shapes into recognizable buildings in their environment. Wow, do kindergarten boys like to build with blocks!
"...probably the best day in art, ever!" - kinder

Kinder Collages

Inspired by paper dolls, the kindergartners created a collage of their family. They created a background and frame to start. Then, traced people and cut them out added clothing and accessories with drawing materials and/or paper collaging techniques. We also worked on titles and names.The most tricky part of the was tracing and cutting out the people (some lost some body parts along the way!) Next year I would probably make this a 3D project and have each student create a stage or room for their paper doll people to inhabit.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Picasso Inspired 1St graders

Look closely, do you see a face?! I do!

Loosen up, get those creative juices flowing. Great Picasso warm up silly face drawing activity from Scholastic art submission. Check it out!

Following silly face warm up, I did a demo on taking ideas from multiple sketches and creating a final oil pastel drawing on a large sheet of paper. I actually pulled ideas during the demo from their drawings... which was interesting trying to recreate a child's drawing, not as easy as it sounds! ha!

Students created their own 10 x 20 inch Picasso inspired face- then folded. numbered into four parts, and cut! Students kept their own number 1 and...

...dropped 2, 3, and 4 into the boxes. This was challenging for some students (correct number on each piece of the drawing, cutting into four pieces, and dropping it in the correct box.. but we're learning!) Also, some students had trouble detaching themselves from their original drawing. This was a good introduction to collaborative artworks, and well.... sharing!

Students then took turns drawing a mystery facial features from each box to create a new mixed up, jux-ta-posed portrait. I heard a lot of funny comments during this activity such as, " oHhhH! _______, I got your nose!" Once the students arranged their facial parts in an  appealing order, they glued.

Construction paper mosaic tiles for frame.

Then students added more oil pastel- some students were missing a nose, maybe an eye.. good opportunity to "doctor it up!" They loved that.

Next, we watercolored. We used traditional, glitter, and Metallic watercolors. So fun. (we did this step for two days, allowing the watercolor to dry and be layered up adding interesting texture.)

Last step, a Mosaic border... framing all of a specific element of their drawing- very interesting choices as this stage in the project. We focused on patterns.

Love the metallic watercolors!

This is in my top picks for favorite lessons this year, so fun. It took us about 6 class periods.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Painted Self-Portraits

Kindergartners used mirrors to draw a self portrait. Then, added color with crayon and watercolor.