Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Threadless T-Shirt Design Contest

This project I did with during my student teaching experience with the Graphic Design one class. I am not a fluent Adobe user, and I was honestly not very excited about teaching it, if that is you, this is the lesson for you! Check out under participate--> submit designs. The students enjoyed the project and the opportunity to win a prize, money! A few things to keep in mind that I learned while teaching this for the first time: 1. make sure you school allows access to private emails because you have to activate you Threadless account to submit designs via email. 2. Make sure students read through "decline reasons" that comes in the kit you download to submit design ideas, very important! There are some design elements to watch closely as they are easy ways to get declined. I had to class create a list of t shirt idea themes to chose from. This was a good way to see what they are interested in. Lastly, I had the student their designs (2) and bring them to a large workspace where we did an informal critique to see what is working.. and what is not. (Basic critique topics focused on avoiding the "decline reasons": font size, t shirt color, concept, graphic size, number of colors, etc.) This was the most I ever heard the student talk, it was great, they basically led the discussion and fed off of one another, and we did catch "decline reasons" in some of the designs... can't enforce checking the "decline reasons" enough! If you do this lesson, post some pic's on your blog I'd love to see the designs!

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