Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Panda Puppets

I think I loved this project as much as the kindergartners did! This was a simple 1-1.5 day lesson introducing  pandas, and collages facial expressions. The project began with a simple information book on pandas. The text and images gave the students a brief introductory to their appearance, habitat, diet, location.. etc. As always, this was a great time to allow students to share brief tide bits of their knowledge-base, such as what pandas eat--- "bamboo, bamboo, THEY EAT BAMBOO MISS STEWART!" The puppet was a simple plate with construction paper pieces and googly eyes. I attached another 1/2 plate pocket on the back of the plate to turn it into a hand puppet. It was fun to see the pandas parading to the bus on the hands of the kindergartners that day after school :)

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