Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amate Bark Paintings

Bird Paintings inspired by Amate Bark paintings. I have always loved the bright pigments against the natural tones of the paper, and have always wanted to create/teach this lesson. When I began to look through all of the lessons/examples from the previous art teacher I found a good selection of amate bark paintings done in a variety of styles. These examples are from my first grade students.

Three day lesson...
Day 1- Introduction to project with visuals and sketching bird and plant designs
Day 2- crumple and unfold brown butcher paper squares (appox. 18 x 18) about five times, then iron.... yes first graders ironing- no accidents thankfully! Transfer sketch design onto "bark", trace over with thick sharpie or black tempera paint
Day 3- Paint bird patterns, ferns,  and border patterns with neon tempera paint and white/glow in the dark.

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