Friday, September 3, 2010


18 x 24 in
Mixed Media Monotype Collage

Excerpt from my statement from The Rotten Orange exhibition where these prints were shown:

I have been dancing around the concept of aging, yet subconsciously admitting the basic theory into nearly everything I produce. This specific group of work has outlined my interests in lifecycles and aging of the human body.  My initial interests in the aging process of living organisms surfaced as a reaction to tending for a summer garden. As the primary caretaker to the small family of seedlings, I became sensitive to not only their needs, but also the transitions through their short-lived life. As the plants slowly waned in the fall, I found myself interested in comparing these small particles of life, to human life. Observing these organisms through their short lifecycle has humbled me to consider my own lifecycle. I am just another organism, aging everyday.

My commitment to this concept emerged while experimenting with the Monotype process, as an appropriate mode of transportation through its organic qualities. I have since stemmed into mixed media monotypes to illustrate ambiguous stages in a given lifecycle. I reference the skin commonly in my work as our outer shell, exposed to the elements and sensitive to care, consequently offering an honest biography of age. Beyond the influences of skin I have turned my attention to hair for it’s common associations with aging. I admit, I too neglect to fully understand the aging process. Cheers to that, as my studies proceed.

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