Friday, September 3, 2010


“ We are all inherently biological “
Vines, Coffee Filters, Glue, Coffee, Liquid Latex, Clay

Also part of the Rotten Orange exhibition, Excerpt from artist statement:
The vessel made of vines is representational of one lifecycle. From the moment we are born- we begin to age. Our biological hourglass begins at day one, in our fresh, full, inexperienced body. The eggs that have dropped from the vessel will never return, yet the vessel still holds a sufficient amount of eggs, or experiences to be had.

This was my first installation piece in a gallery exhibition. Again, turning my interests back to vessel making, I spent many days in my garage modeling bird nesting behaviors to create a wooden vessel. Similarly, spending many nights creating hallowed paper egg forms to fill the vessel to appropriate levels, and emerge onto the gallery floor.

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