Sunday, November 7, 2010

Be Nice to Spiders

 Be Nice to Spiders was on it's way to the dump from a closing library, but ended up in the safe haven of the art room. It's a great book to teach children (and adults!) the important role spiders play in our world.

Following  Be Nice to Spiders the Kindergarten's spun their own webs rolling a marble coated in tempera paint over their cut out matboard circle in a pie tin.

Then, we studied the anatomy of the spider, and created one of our own (some scary, others whimsical.) The girls in the class enjoyed creating a pattern  for their spider's, using construction paper, while the boys were more interested in creating fangs.  Each spider had a personality of it's own! We threaded the string through the web so the spider could move up and down "spinning" it's web.

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