Sunday, February 12, 2012

Koi Fish Kites

Inspired by our theme this month "Art from Around the World," the Kindergartners created Koi Fish Kites. This was a 2-3 day lesson for most of my students.

Day 1- Looked and talked about Koi fish- basics: Their appearance (color, shape, body size), their environment, the meaning of "koi" and where we might have seen Koi fish before. Then, I did a demonstration of creating scales of the Koi fish with oil pastel, followed by watercolor.
** I stapled the flat sheets into tubes shapes between day one and day two.**
Day 2- I set up stations for the Kindergartners to move around the room and add tails (tissue paper, colored wax paper), GLITTER, scales/textures, and strings to their kites. I really enjoy witnessing  "Aha" moments when they are moving around the room, making decisions, collaborating and communicating with their peers.

I displayed the kites from the ceiling in my room...The older grades were quite impressed by the young artists' work.

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