Saturday, February 4, 2012


Bank robber, robbing the ugly- ville bank
Start of the installation, more photos to come!

A member of the local ugly ville polka band?!

Yes, ugly dolls in an ugly-ville. I started this unit with my fourth graders before winter break. By far, the longest project I've done yet this year, but time well spent. Inspired by the iconic "Ugly Doll," each student created a plush creature, some using the minimal approach, others more detailed. As students finished their "ugly doll" they worked on a collaborative mural or ugly doll environment to display their cute creatures. Each  of my fourth grade sections created a different scene such as "uglywood" a take from "Hollywood" or "ugly-ville" complete with an ugly doll factory. Fun, fun project!


Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

These ugly monsters are so cute.
Your students did a fantastic job.

Katie said...

Ugly Dolls will soon take over the world!

Kristyn DeMint said...

I have been doing this project with 7th grade and it is such a big hit. I like your take on Uglyville! I am thinking about having my 7th grades design a comic strip based on their dolls.

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

I have done felt monsters with first grade. I really like the idea of creating an environment for the dolls. Nicely done!!

Molly Stewart said...

This project does open the door for many other creative concepts,I love the idea of the comic strip. I bet your students would love that- post the outcome if you do Kristyn!

suzanne said...

how did you get $$$ to buy the felt?