Monday, January 31, 2011

Artist Emulation

One class that I taught during my student teaching experience was a High School beginning 2D course. I had a lot of lesson ideas in mind, but I really did not have a good sense of what THEY were interested in learning. So, I created an "independent study" allowing each student to design a project to fit their interests and talents. I created a "Independent Study Contract" and we headed to the library to do some research. Each student was asked to pick an artist of interest to emulate into a self portrait. While we were in the library, I also had them answer some specific questions about what they learned about the artist, why they picked he/she, and so forth. I also printed an image of their work for each student and took a portrait of each student (day 1) The next day the students were asked to finish their "contract" by choosing a media/medium to work in, as well as the dimensions of the the paper within 12 x 18 and 18 x 24.  They began sketching, experimenting with their medium, and got the  "ok" on their contract.  From here the students worked independently (with individual assistance ask requested.)  At the end of the unit the students turned in their self-portrait, contract, and artist example. Half of their grade was based on following directions (completing contract, turning in all elements of the project, etc.) The other half was based on their Self-Portrait (use of material, emulation quality, etc.) This project demonstrated individual strengths and interests, which was my goal as a short-term teacher. Overall, I would do this again with some alterations to ensure good quality work (I was a bit relaxed in that department!) This was a good project to exercise skills in both following directions and problem solving...both very important in the art room!

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