Friday, January 28, 2011

Recycled Paper Beads

During my student teaching, I had the unique experience to teach a small class of all girls titled "Folk Art." This was a lot of fun and offered a new perspective to the art room. A lesson that I taught was "Recycled Paper Jewelry," Inspired by the women of Uganda. Here is a great website to check out for more information, images, and if you ever need a school fundraiser this is a great one! The students were required to make a "set" consisting of 3 items. The girls were so creative! One student found some images of Andy Warhol and his work and made oblong Warhol earrings (the red necklace and earring set below.) Way to go girls! This was a great lesson to integrate culture as we as environmentally friendly art. Some good papers to use: wrapping paper! (those wrappings that you don't want to ruin by opening can now be turned into jewelry) magazines, newspaper, fibrous handmade paper, homework, sketchbook pages, letters, valentines... enjoy!

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Mrs. Hahn said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing this great idea.