Sunday, September 18, 2011

all SYSTEMS go

This sign I made to hang on the door the days that we need smocks. It has seemed to cut back (not completely eliminate) the question of..."do we need smocks today Ms. Stewart?" over and over when they enter the room.

This corner of the classroom is a go to for students that are ahead of the rest of the class. I really would like not to have much "free draw" time allowed, rather an area with "creative challenges"with some experimentation/creation as well.

Job Chart. Best thing ever. Each students has a little colored tab next to their seat that corresponds with the job chat. I have four different categories: Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Supply Master, and Clean-up King or Queen. So far, this has worked wonderfully, they student pride themselves on their classroom responsibility. This system was put in place to maintain classroom order, give the students as much time as possible to work, and provide students  with an environment where they rely on one another mainly and work collaboratively.   

I can't take complete credit for this system. It as actually something that I observed a first grader doing. He finished a few minutes early, so I asked him to walk around and collect scraps from other tables in the classroom. I over heard him saying "Trash Truck, Beep, Beep!" First of all, I thought it was pretty cute, and then I had an "ah haa" moment and thought this is a great way to get the scraps picked up before they leave the room. I made signs for my recycling and trash bins and now the students are now asking when they finish if they can "take out the recycling truck." Heck yes you can.
Systems. Systems. Systems!



Thanks Molly, I am definitely gonna borrow some of these classroom organisation ideas of yours. You're awesome!

Molly Stewart said...

no worries, I love to share and borrow ideas from others too!