Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Grade Planted a Rainbow

First Grade created beautiful flower collages inspired by the book, Planting a Rainbow by Milwaukee's Lois Elhert. As you can see, there is a theme in the art room-- the First Grader's also kicked off the start of the school year by studying color. After we read the book I placed a paint try on each table with a big glob of white tempera and a big glob of blue tempera and some sponge squares. We talked about how the sky can look many different ways depending on weather, and each sky painting will look different, and left it at that to see what they came up with. The next class period they added the "color wheel" pedals and the other plant parts using different methods that they discovered throughout the class period. I was impressed by the individuality of each flower. While reflecting on the past two weeks, I have discovered something we need to work on in the room- there is no right or wrong answer! From Kindergarten, all the way up to Fourth Grade I have student's asking "is this right?" "how am I doing?" Which is fine sometimes, but I would like to work on decision making skills and self confidence.  Onto Kandinsky!

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Katie said...

I really enjoy the variation in the skies! Each one unique and different! And Lois Elhert books are amazing!