Monday, September 19, 2011

Kindergarten Painted Turtles

The Kindergarten's have been busy created "painted turtles." This was a quick two day activity, day one: finger painting stations. I placed one container of each color on each of the 6 work tables in the room. I put one drop of paint on each triangle of the color wheel to guide the kindergartner's through the sequence of colors. Each table rotated together, carrying their painting throughout the room until they had finger painted with their "paint brush" a.k.a. pointer finger, all 6 colors of the color wheel. Day 2: They traced (some created their own), cut out, and attached the body parts. This was hilarious! I had to bite my tongue and try not ask "is this the head, arm or leg..?" They did a great job, and now they are on display in our LMC story area!

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