Monday, October 10, 2011

Circle Weaving

Our inspiration, Kandinsky.

The Fourth Grader's are in the process of finishing their weavings based on Kandinsky's "Circle" Painting. One of the standards for our Fourth Grader's here at Swallow is to develop an understanding of fiber arts. Our artist for the month of September was Kandinsky. I had seen the circle weaving concept somewhere, sometime.. and have always wanted to try it! It's super simple, from the supplies to the process. We used paper plates as our looms and a large amount of colored yarn. The best and more popular type amongst the students was the thick and chunky yarn that gave a their weaving a great texture. The students mounted their weavings on contrasting colored squares of tag board to be hung together in a collaborative format to simulate a large scale version of Kandinsky's Circles. This project really bumped up their fine motor (KNOTTING) skills, thank goodness we are nearing the end of this unit, no more knots! I will upload a final image of the collaborative piece once it's hung!

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