Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Tree of Life" Step One: Object Printing

I really enjoy how this student divided up the space and created the root system!

Love the whimsical quality of this student example

The process

The theme this month in the Swallow Art Classroom is Nature. The Third Grade is focusing on the "Tree of Life" symbol and it's use around the world. First, we studied trees in many different forms through visuals from around the world. Then, the students were given a large selection of found objects to chose are a few examples. WOW, this was messy. Following this project with the Third Grade, I sent a letter home to parents entitled "I'm not messy, I'm creative!... A disclaimer from the art room, we use washable materials and the paint should come out with a little extra scrubbing...!  It was nice to receive positive feedback from parents, such as "a messy day is a creative day in my mind"

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