Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kandinsky Circles

Day 1, Step 1: Folding the paper to create eight equal squares (we did this as a class, this can be challenging for their little hands!) Next, the students rotated through eight painting stations where they painted a different color in each square. This was an experiment to see how well they could follow directions, move around the classroom in an orderly fashion, and work together as a team.
Day 2: We talked about the "line families" and the differences between a circle and dot, as well as contrasting/complementary colors, and the magic words : make it... Pop!  Following a quick demo of tracing, cutting, and gluing circles the student began to pick out squares, trace circles (if they chose to use the tracer) and layer up dots.

While I demonstrated layering the dot colors, they students saw something very interesting. They thought the layered dots resembled "wedding cakes" or layered cakes. So, following the demo we began to refer to the series of layered circles, as "cakes." The final step of the project was to add yarn circles.

...and ta-da! Kandinsky inspired Circles. I was very excited to see the individuality in each series of dots, or "cakes." I demonstrated many techniques and mediums and let the students decide what to add, or not too add to their work of art. Thanks to a wonderful parent volunteer for hanging this display, much appreciated! 

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Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

Your students interpreted Kandinsky's work beautifully.